Marketa Patelova established her interior design practice in 2009 after returning back to the Czech Republic from London. Marketa graduated at UAL London – Chelsea College of Arts and gained her experiences in the award winning architectural practices Janine Stone and Spaced Out.

“My years in London were the most inspirational and creative. I loved my studies of spatial design and I feel very fortunate to work on various project with such amazing architects and designers like James Engel, Zachary Pulman, Vasso Asfi and David Archer.”

Back in Prague, Marketa put her passion into creating unique, playful and elegant designs both in residential homes and in commercial spaces. She is a tireless listener and from understanding her client, she aspires to make the ideal space for them. Her practice doesn’t shy away from trying new materials, making bespoke pieces or finding some unusual vintage pieces.

“Architecture, art and culture play a central role in my inspiration and design process. I am bringing into the practice my knowledge and experiences from various countries, places and craftsmanship of people. I like to nurture each project with positive, professional and personal approach”.

After 10 years of design practice in Prague, Marketa moved across the Chanel to be close to the sea, family and incredible creative hub in Folkestone, Great Britain.